Oct 20, 2013

Jan 18, 2017 Hiding inactive Multimedia Devices from "Devices and Printers" Sep 02, 2013 Windows Media Player - Windows Help If Windows Media Player stopped working correctly after the latest updates from Windows Update, you can verify that the updates are the problem by using System Restore. To do this: Select the Start button, and then type system restore .

Disable/Remove Media Devices from the Network (WMP

Dec 04, 2013

How to Add and Remove A Device on Windows 8 Computer. This article will respectively introduce how to add and remove a device on Windows 8 computer in the following content. 1. Add a device on Windows 8. Generally speaking, there are two ways to add a device on Windows 8…

How to Separate "Devices and Drives" Section in Windows 8 How to Separate “Devices and Drives” Section in Windows 8.1 Explorer “This PC”? Sometimes a new feature or small change in a software functionality may become a big annoyance for end users and Windows 8.1 is a living example of this.. In previous Windows versions such as Windows 7, Vista or XP, Hard disk drives, optical drives (CD/DVD drives) and removable drives (USB drives, memory My Windows 7 machine is not showing up as a media device Dec 12, 2013